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TCDC Email
TCDC Email


Twin City Die Castings Company is one of North America's oldest die casting companies. TCDC was founded in 1919 by Charlie Adams, a pioneer in the die casting industry. The Adams family owned Twin City Die Castings until 1974, when a family friend, James Harmon, purchased the company. Ownership of TCDC passed from Jim to his three son's Steve, Doug, and Mark in 1979. The company grew as an industry leader in the 1980's and 90's under Steve's leadership as CEO, Doug as CFO and Mark as Vice President. In 2005, Doug Harmon became CEO and sole shareholder of the company. Doug's active management of the company continues to this day.

New facilities were added to handle TCDC's growth. The second plant, located in Watertown, South Dakota was added in 1989; and a third plant in Monticello, Minnesota in 2000 to facilitate TCDC's entrance into magnesium die casting.

Secondary operations have always been part of TCDC’s process,
as seen in these archival images taken during the 1940’s -50’s.

Twin City Die Castings, Inc. - Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN

Phone: 651-645-3611
Fax: 651-645-0724
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Twin City Die Castings, Inc. - Monticello

Monticello, MN

Phone: 763-271-5060
Fax: 763-271-5070
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Twin City Die Castings, Inc. - Watertown

Watertown, SD

Phone: 605-886-9448
Fax: 605-886-2489
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