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TCDC provides die cast aluminum and magnesium prototypes - fast!

TCDC can take your solid model and supply a short run of die cast prototypes in little as 4 weeks, or sometimes less.

If you need die-cast style parts on a shorter timeframe, TCDC has a broad source base for numerous prototype methods, and can supply metal prototype parts within a few weeks. In addition to metal prototypes, TCDC also has the capability to provide plastic prototypes using our fused deposition concept modeler. Plastic prototypes can be produced in a matter of days or even hours. Contact TCDC to get started.

Dedicated Mold Bases

TCDC casts prototype parts and some low-volume production work in TCDC-owned dedicated mold bases. This reduces tooling lead time because it is not necessary to build a whole die cast tool – only the cavity blocks (or “inserts”) that fit into the mold base.

Contact TCDC for information regarding size restrictions, and to discuss your project details.

Rapid Inserts*

Traditionally, the detailed shape of a die cast cavity block is created by spark erosion using shaped electrodes in an Electric Discharge Machine. This is a time-consuming process. Advancements in recent years have allowed more and more cavity blocks to be cut efficiently with high-speed CNC machining, and cuts time from prototype projects.

* This method of high speed machining applies to both Pre-Hard inserts and Hardened inserts (listed below):

Pre-Hard Tool Steel

To achieve a long life (in the 100,000 shot range), die cast cavity blocks are heat treated and brought to a high hardness. Heat treating and the cavity preparation necessary after heat treat consume significant time. Where prototype needs are generally for smaller quantities (up to a few thousand), it is possible to use pre-hard (non-heat treated) tool steel to cut down lead time and cost.

Hardened Tool Steel

If a prototype project might turn into a production-volume project, it sometimes pays to build hardened cavity blocks. With design considerations these can then be re-used after the prototype run is over and put into the production tool.

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